Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being a Professional

How to be a better professional?

We all know that looks are everything, so I will not badger you all with how to have your hair cut or your suit pressed just right or your fingernails need to be just right. But there are other “things” you need to do to make yourself look more professional. Based on my experience and talking to my fellow unemployment bloggers, here are a couple of things to make you look more professional and desirable to employers.

E-Mail Addresses:

In this day & age we all need an e-mail address, however most of us have “cutsie” and fan favorite e-mail addresses. I know I have FredTheMan, as well as Expos4Evea, While both of them tend to get clogged up with junk/SPAM e-mail I think that those 2 addresses are not the best choices to represent myself to employers. With various sites offering free e-mail (Yahoo, G-Mail or Hotmail) as well as your internet service provider offering you more than 1 e-mail, it is easy to have a “Professional” address. But what is a “Professional Address”, you can’t go wrong with having your address like most companies do, first initial-last name or vice versa, I was fortunate to grab FredB. If that e-mail is taken, you can add numbers to make it unique.

Social Media:
While most of us have social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace just to name a few, we should remember that employers do look at that as a way to judge their future employees. While those sites offer privacy protection. Keep your post clean and positive. Future employers don’t need to read about your beer pong ability or you complaining about your sports team. Trust me, I do my share of complaining, after all I am a Washington Nationals fan. Don’t complain about former employers… that is a lesson I learned, I am sure that helped with my 365 days of unemployment.

Time is a key, weather you say you will be there at a certain time or e-mail a file by a certain day as well. Mapquest and plan your route to your interview, never trust your judgment of where your interview will be at. It never hurts to save the info (address, name, numbers) to your phone, and if you have a “Smart Phone” utilize the GPS on it to guide you to the interview. Always call if you’re going to be late, a courtesy call always a good professional thing to do.

Like the old saying “You Never Get A Second To Make A First Impression”… Just some food for thought as you get back in the workforce.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well after sulking and filing for unemployment what do you do?

Well make sure your resume is up to date, BUT… are you’re online resume’s (Monster, CareerBuilder, etc…) up to date? Do they “Match”? Are they Truthful? Employers have accounts on more than one employment sites, and can verify that the information is the same

Something’s I have encountered with this “round” of unemployment is not only did I “typo” some dates between paper resume. I had left one company in July 2008, I used the numerical value 08/07. Lesson learned… I write out all my dates (July 21, 2008).

It seems that I also had job titles and descriptions that were different raises some questions with employers.  Apparently there is a difference between Inventory Administrator (which was the company’s title) and Inventory Manager, as well as Team Lead (company title) and Department Leader, as I quickly found out prospective employers like it all to be the same, all the way around. Remember… when you have to create a profile with a company, upload your resume, 99% of the companies will automatically import your resume into the appropriate fields

Now everyone will have their opinion on how and what a resume should be. With no scientific data to base my opinion on, this is just what “works” (worked) for me. Save your resume with the file name of your name and the year, mine is named Fredrick E. Brehm resume 2011, this way when you e-mail it to human resource managers, it will not be accidently over written… unless there is another you applying at the same company.

Now what goes on your resume is up to you. You need to balance between responsibilities and accomplishments. As much as Employee of the Month awards, Diploma’s and certificates would look good on your resume, you need to list what you can do, such as manage employees safely, accurate cashier scores or new design in a process that you adapted. Remember, companies want to see what you can do to help THEM and save them time, money and customers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After a year of banging my head against the wall in finding work, I decided to create this blog in hope to share my trials and errors, to hear yours, to throw ideas, as well as to read yours.
Please visit and share, suggest and hopefully we won't have to create Jobless730.

I'll be shareing my "trials" as well as some sucess in my making some money.